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Clinical Research

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Clinical Research

There is some exciting clinical research underway at Copley Hospital.  The following are research projects that Bryan Huber, MD of Mansfield Orthopaedics is involved in.

Partial Knee Replacement Study
Total knee replacement has proven to be an effective surgical treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. However, for certain patients, partial knee replacement has emerged as an option. Partial knee replacements require shorter recovery time, avoids the bone and tissue removal associated with standard joint replacement surgery and leaves existing ligaments and cartilage that support the knee. Dr. Huber is currently involved in a research project tracking outcomes following partial knee replacement.

Total Joint Replacement
Copley Hospital regularly performs total joint replacement surgery, including, knee, hip and shoulder.  Dr. Huber and a team of scientists are in the design and development stage of a new approach to hemostatis (stoppage of bleeding) and drug delivery using “hydrogels” in joint replacement surgeries. 

Dr. Huber is also tracking results of a new custom-fit total knee implant.

Meniscal “All-Suture” Repair Research –
a less invasive procedure

Meniscal repairs are a common procedure at Copley. Dr. Huber is in the final stages of design and evaluation of all-suture meniscal repair. He performs meniscal surgeries with an “all inside” technique using sutures. Dr. Huber anticipates the technique to be a more reproducible, efficient method of treating meniscal tears. Outcomes include efficiency of repair [reduced surgical time], reduced risk of neurovascular structures, and increased comfort and use for the patient following surgery.

Mansfield Orthopaedics is the leading orthopedic practice in the area, with orthopaedic surgeons Bryan Huber, MD; Brian Aros, MD; Ryan K. Duffy, MD; Joseph McLaughlin, MD; John C. Macy, MD and Saul Trevino, MD. Our patient-centered care, highly experienced professionals, and leading-edge technologies ensure you receive the very best orthopedic care and treatment.

Mansfield Orthopaedics is a practice of Copley Hospital
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